Our Story

This website is a labour of love and a work in progress for the Mitchell family. It seeks to be a catalogue of Leonard Victor Mitchell's artwork (his life's work) which is no small undertaking - just those works immediately to hand number in the hundreds. My parents are the custodians of an estimated 500 paintings and drawings, taken into their care after the death of my Aunt, Len's widow Patricia. I can clearly remember them all hung, 4-deep, on the walls of my Aunt's two bedroom flat in Brooklyn, brought back from England with my parents' help when Len suddenly passed away in 1980.

So, at the time this site goes "live", it will by no means be a complete catalogue of Len's work. It is hopefully a representational base which I can add to over time. The vast majority of works included are held by the immediate family, some are owned by our extended family and have been kindly shared, and a few others are public works - most notibly the large murals still on display in the Lower Hutt War Memorial Library. Unless otherwise stated, all images and associated original artworks included on this website are property of the Mitchell family and we would appreciate they not be reproduced without permission.

If you are the proud owner of a painting or drawing by Leonard we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

Anna Reed (née Mitchell)


Much thanks go to Christopher Moore who worked closely with Len's widow Pat in the 1980s and 90s to compile a catalogue of work held by her (Oil, Gouache and Watercolour Painting). I am using this catalogue as a cross reference for my own catalogue now. Christopher held several exhibitions at the Christopher Moore Gallery, see details under Posthumous Exhibitions on the Career page, and facilitated the placement of numerous works.

Our appreciation also goes to the staff of the Lower Hutt War Memorial Library and the Petone Community Library who have been more than happy to provide access to Len's murals and any information pertaining to them.