Leonard Cornwall Mitchell


There are infact two men in our family who held the name Leonard Mitchell. Both were incredibly talented artists who were well recognised in New Zealand during their time. Unfortunately both men having the same name and working in the same field has lead to easy confusion between the two - something we hope to rectify.

This website is dedicated to the younger Leonard, but we are equally proud of his father, Leonard Cornwall Mitchell, who was one of this country's first graphic designers and a leading figure of the 1920s and 30s. In addition to numerous other projects, he produced a great deal of promotional material for the government publicity department, worked in Wellington's newly established film industry, and was a prolific stamp designer, notibly of New Zealand Health stamps like the Smiling Boy of 1931. In 1970 he designed the United Nations issued stamp to commemorate World Health Day, the theme of which was the early detection of cancer.

Leonard was featured in the recently published Selling the Dream: The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism and reproductions of his deco-style posters for the government publicity department are readily available.

A website dedicated to Leonard Cornwall Mitchell is coming soon!

Leonard Cornwall MitchellLeonard Cornwall Mitchell pictured at his drawing board in 1970, with the design for his Fight Cancer stamp.